E-Vehicle charging

STraffic is acceleratin its development of equipment and related infrastructure necessary to support charging electric vehicles. This includes technology to provide unique features using DSRC and Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology (ANPR), construction of integrated charging stations, and introduction of high-speed charging technology. We are participating in projects to establish public charging stations for government and local governments such as the Ministry of Environment of Korea, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (Korea Energy Corporation), and Gyeonggi-do Province. As of March 2020, STraffic implemented 1,058 AC Charging Stations and 453 DC Charging Stations in Korea.

Convenient Charging and Simplified Payment

Convenient Charging and Simplified Payment

Simplifede Charging Process

Simplifede Charging Process
Vehicle entry
Input charge amount and cost
Credit card payment
Credit card re-payment
clearing and departure
Vehicle entry
Automatic vehicle
Vehcle number recognition
Credit card re-payment
Clearing and Simple payment

Major business

Membership Service:
Among the features of STraffic’s wholistic EV-charging design and business solution is the EV-Charging Membership Service. Like all of its solutions, STraffic’s Membership Service focuses on how to best serve the charging stations customer, on balance with the business and operational needs of the charging station and site owner. To this end, STraffic offers a variety of additional services, such as providing customized charging plans for each type of driver (subscriber products), simple payment through membership cards, saving significant Mall points according to the amount of use, and discounting partnerships.

Operating and Maintenance Solution :
STraffic provides a turnkey operation platform that offers EV-charging station site owners a reliable, comprehensive management tool to support efficient ongoing operation after construction and acceptance. Our management system can remotely monitor all equipment, and supports taking remediation steps in the event of a charger failure. If remote resolution is not possible, the solution allows communication with and dispatching of nearby available technicians for an immediate and systematic response.

The others: STraffic provides various solutions such as integrated payment device, street lamp charger, DSRC, ANPR, et cetera.

* P&C for Korea: P&C (Plug & Charge)is a member authentication and payment system through PLC communication on the charging cable based on technical support from the vehicle manufacturer. STraffic provides vehicle solutions that enable users to make payment and authentication without any additional operation based on its own DSRC and ANPR technology.