STraffic’s e-payment solutions comprise ETCS, AFC, Settlement and Clearing backoffice, and E-Vehicle charging in e-payment.


Electronic Toll Collection System (ETCS)

ETCS is one of the road transport systems when you use toll roads, and you can use them at toll stations. It is a system that can pass through without stopping. The vehicle and toll booth systems exchange the necessary information by using wireless communication and collect fees electronically.

  • Coinless
  • Non-stop
  • Reduce CO2

Automatic Fare Collection (AFC)

It refers to the entire Automated Fare Collection system. Passenger bought a ticket directly at the station, but now they can use a variety of cards to pay the fare.

  • Reduced transaction time
  • Reduced admin tasks
  • Prevent leakage

Settlement and clearing system

This solution provides real-time processing of payment transactions and populates databases with essential transaction details to support operations and business analysis.

  • Easy transfer
  • Innovation for public transportation based on Big Data
  • Cloud-based clearing system

E-Vehicle charging

Innovative technology makes charging of electric vehicles more efficient and convenient.

  • Smart Grid
  • Automatic authentication for driver and plate number
  • Centralized monitoring system