Long Term Evolution – Railway (LTE-R)

STraffic complies with the 3GPP standard base, which is an essential requirement for LTE-R deployment and supplies a network capable of McPTT and eMBMS services with Qualcomm's SDM660 chipset, Android 9.x. LTE-R equipment we provide is Train Radio Control Panel(TRCP), Train Interface Control System(TICS), Train Video Control System(TVCS), Antenna for LTE(700MHz MIMO), LTE mobile device for the railway, et cetera.
Our LTE-R solution is applied to the Gimpo Urban Railway and the extension of Seoul Line 5 (Hanam Line), contributing to stable train operation.
Train Onboard devices supports communication of among Drivers, Onboard Staffs, and Passengers.
They also provide various kinds of interface for TCMS, emergency interphone, passenger information, CCTV, etc.

Handheld Terminal is an end user device which is used by onboard staffs, maintenance and other railway personnel. It supports 1:1 voice call, PTT group call, video conference, SMS functions, etc.