Toll collection System and Electronic Toll Collection System (TCS&ETCS)

STraffic is providing a smart and convenient transportation environment for drivers by developing and installing Manual Toll Collection Systems(TCS) and; Electronic Toll Collection Systems(ETCS). We have 5.8GHz RF DSRC and IR DSRC for each local standard, and ISO 18000-6C RFID solutions for international standards. STraffic provides a full range of components to support an end-to-end solution: toll collection terminals, Automatic Vehicle Classification(AVC) technology, lane controllers, ticket issuing machine, automatic toll machine, Automatic Number Plate Recognition(ANPR) capability, and RF/IR/RFID antenna & readers.

Toll Collection System and Electronic Toll Collection System (TCS&ETCS)

Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF)

STraffic’s real-time Toll Collection System combines MLFF with video recognition technology, and is the world's first to use both IR(Infrared Red) and RF(Radio Frequency) DSRC(Dedicated Short-Range Communications). This system allows charging when a vehicle is keeping up the speed(up to 160 km) and passes through a toll booth without stopping. MLFF that minimizes the employment of managers and payers enables the reduction of labor costs and eliminates traffic jams with the rapid passage of toll gates. We provide Vehicle Detection System, Multi-lane ANPR camera, Multi-lane lane controller, et cetera. STraffic is currently running the project to supply TCS/ETCS/MLFF for M3 and M1 highway in Azerbaijan.

STraffic operates a back-office convenient for operators, including client service (C/S) environments and web environments that allow users to aggregate and report on fees collected accurately. We also have an ANPR server solution that will enable us to store and retrieve images taken by ANPR devices safely and correctly.