Electronic Interlocking System (EIS)

Electronic Interlocking Systems operate and mutually interlock signal equipment such as signal, switch point, and track circuit under the given control conditions.
The EIS that STraffic provides is designed to support high-speed railways(SRT, KTX) and function interactively with Automatic Train Control(ATC) and Central Train Control(CTC) to ensure the safety and control course of the train.


- Panel Processor Modules (PPM)
: It has dual structure which can check in a row, and will operate without interruption even if a module is down.

- Interlocking Multi-Processor Modules (MPM)
: It is ‘2 out of 3’ system, each connected 3 MPM is able to make all of security functions. This kinds of structure provides fault withstandability for sensitive arithmetic parts as well as for reliable safety operations. The three Interlocking MPM are hardware-equal and use the same software. Each module continually checks itself, comparing the output state of the other two modules with the contents of the dynamic memory.

- Diagnostic Multi-Processor (DPM)
: DPM monitors internal and external networks to detect changes in the status of information, controls. In addition, it can monitor and check the alarms and functions of PPM, MPM, and TFM.
DPM is the same as the MPM, but only the parameters of the EPROM are different. The diagnosis is made periodically during the period. All diagnostics results will be sent to the Technical Terminal (TT).

SSI (Solid State Interlocking)

· SSI (Solid State Interlocking)