System Wide Information Management (SWIM)

STraffic cooperates with Korea Airports Corporation to research and develop SWIM, ICAO's next-generation aviation information infrastructure, which effectively provides ATM information to users using a standard information exchange model.
It is a next-generation aviation information exchange infrastructure that integrates scattered aviation information to efficiently provide aviation information to users. Currently, in order to obtain information, the user separately accesses the aviation information, flight information, and aircraft information system, and utilizes the data. When connected to the SWIM system, all data can be identified and used at once.

< SWIM Information Exchange Model >

The flight information exchange model is developed and implemented with Korea Airports Corporation based on the FIXM model.
Air information, weather information, and flight information are converted using the standard information exchange model to enable mutual information sharing.
We have secured the operational performance of the verified development system through the SWIM international test.

System Wide Information Management
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Flight Information Exchange Model
Aeronautical Information Exchange Model
ICAO Weather. Information Exchange Model

*IWXXM: ICAO Weather. Information Exchange Model