Vertical Platform Screen Door (VPSD)

Platform Screen Doors (PSD) is established between rail and platform for passenger safety. It prevents accidental falls off from platform into the lower track area, suicide attempts and homicides by pushing.

The PSD installation type is changed depending on the ambient conditions : Full-height, semi-full height and half height type. STraffic will make the technology available for each customer as requested and provides solutions to enhance passengers' safety.

  • Cover the platform completely from floor to celing
  • Increase Safety of passengers Reduce noise
  • improve air quality
  • Cover the platform from floor to certain height
  • Low installation cost comparing to full height type
  • Height: 1.2m~1.7m Low cost comparing to full height type
  • Easy installation
  • Secure Openness
  • Tempered glass or Polycarbonate
  • The door length is tailored to site condition specific needs (Max 10M)

To respond to rail platform safety issues, STraffic provides the world's first-ever Vertical Platform Screen Door that can be adapted to any type of railway platform operation. We provide VPSD of steel, glass, and rope type suitable for the platform environment. The solution includes multiple features to protect riders and allow for safe entry and exit. Our solutions are in the Vanve station, Paris, of the SNCF, and at TMB's Can Cuis station in Barcelona.

The PSD installation type is adaptable to platform configurations and conditions. Full-height, semi-full height, and half height options available to meet specific customer requirements for ensuring passenger’s safety.