Airports are a massive part of the economy and a key role in regional growth and development. STraffic enable airports to become more digitally connected and to improve operating efficiency through technology.

Smart Pass

A system that generates a unique ID with passenger's biometric information and provides convenient, fast, and security-free boarding support from the arrival of the airport to boarding the departure flight

  • Seamless technology
  • Untact service
  • Reduced processing time

Flight Information Management System & Flight Information Display System (FIMS and FIDS)

FIMS/FIDS systems align airline flight schedules according to travel and operational demands and enables real-time management of entry/exit gate assignments, check-in counter assignments, as well as provides passengers with on-screen departure and arrival flight information.

  • Real-time flight information
  • Convenience for passenger
  • Monitoring airport journey

System Wide Information Management (SWIM)

Next-generation aviation information infrastructure that enables air traffic information to efficiently provide to air traffic information users using standard information exchange models

  • Operating efficiency
  • Global standard information
  • Unique certainty