Automatic Train Supervision (ATS)

ATS is a comprehensive train operation control system that fully automates train operation handling (signal control) using a control program based on the Train Schedule Diagram. The central systems consist of a Train Control Computer (TCC), a Management Support Computer (MSC), an Operator Console, Data Transmission System (DTS), a large display panel, and various peripherals. STraffic has established and maintained the Seoul Metro Line 2 and is developing our own ATS solution optimized for the KRTCS (CBTC for Korean).

ATS Facility Main Function

User interface
  • Provide a consistent interface.
  • Display the entire field status such as Signal, Track within permitted time
  • Implement the necessary control within permitted time
  • Display of alarm and warning
  • Function of train schedule monitoring and change
Train Identification and Train Tracking
  • allocation and checking of train No on CBTC installed trains.
  • Supervision of CBTS train in running
  • automatic trace and record of train schedule and related data.
  • Display of train type and train related information.
Train and Route Control
  • Management of headway via standstill time and running time based on train location.
  • automatic and manual train route setting (control of train running)
  • Prevention of Train mixture status
  • Management of departure/arrival train from/to depot
  • Management of reversal train.
  • Management of parking train
Automated Train Schedule/Headway Regulation
  • Train headway monitoring and route control and regulation
  • Supervision and regulation of train schedule observance
  • Regulation of operation time between stations
Graphic photo of Shinbundang Line ATS Control Center

· Graphic photo of Shinbundang Line ATS Control Center