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ITS improves overall traffic in terms of safety, efficiency, and comfort to Medellin city in Colombia

Key Facts

South America





Medellin ranks as Colombia's most important economic urban area, and is its second most populated city. Mdellin's economic growth spurred demand for vehicles and motorcycles, which has resulted traffic congestion. To cope with traffic congestion, Medellin a multi-year project to implement advanced technology to monitor traffic flow and provide information needed to manage and redistribute traffic flow.




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Existing transportation monitoring and control centers are located in two separate locations without means to share traffic information and respond to conditions in a coordinated manner. A single integrated traffic control center is needed for medllin's five-part highway system.


In order to address Medellin's needs, STraffic was on the ground in Medellin immediately from the project proposal stage. We acquired first-hand knowledge and understanding of the current status of Medellin transportation system by using drones to observe traffic flows, by direct contact with officials and operating personnel, and through on-site reviews of important transportation and commercial sites.
After our formal engagement on the project and establishing an on-site presence, STraffic shared our data and analysis in greater details with officials and related personnel in charge of transportation in Medellin.
This in-depth discussionand collaboration underpinned the development of design specifications for the center's hardware system for processing and providing traffic information.

Because this project is an ODA(Official Development Assistance) project conducted in Korea by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, it would typically have place core operations in Korea. However, in response to local conditions and requirements, STraffic located central system infrastructure and the most advanced software solutions and security software so that operations would be conducted fully in Medellin. 


□ Project Status

In the first year of the project, a new integrated traffic information center(CITRA) was established. Also in the first year, STraffic implemented highway infrastructure necessary for traffic information collection(VDS; Vehicle Detection System), and display(VMS; Variable Message Sign) for vehicles entering the city center from the north and south of Medellin City.  

Now in its second year, the project plan calls for providing a larger number of highway users with integrated traffic information through various channels(i.e., homepages, applications, and VMS) and by introduction of additional on-site equipment(VDS, VMS)and upgrading the system of the Integrated Traffic Information Center(CITRA)


Medellin City is now able to monitor traffic information operated by each existing center through the Integrated Traffic Information Center (CITRA) and create its traffic information through the newly installed on-site system and center system.
STraffic's solution enabled collection and analysis of traffic data not only to manage congestions, but also to inform future transportation policies.