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Auto Fare Collection: Design, Development and implementation of New Faregate System and Integration with Legacy Fare Payment System

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WMATA's(Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority) Metro was engineered with attention to aesthetics and design as integral to its form and functionality as a transportation system for Washington, D.C., as the nation's capital. The system was recognized by the AIA as a winner of the Twenty-Five Year Award for distinguished architecture, and is counted among the 150 most noteworthy structures in the US.


As the next step in its fare modernization program, WMATA selected STraffic to introduce a the new and technologically advanced faregate design and operating system as the second phase of the Fare Collection Modernization Program in 2018.

STraffic designed and manufactured the new faregate to deliver the highest levels of reliability, performance, and security available in the industry. Features include a flexible, user-friendly and ADA compliant design that assures that fare gates admit fare-paying riders with safety, convenience, and ease while maintaining order, security, and revenue accountability using the latest, most advanced technologies.
To enhance user interfaces for all end-users, particularly WMATA's internal staff, STraffic has provided web-based GUIs for the Faregate Central System (including Station Terminals and Portable Station Manager Devices) that provide easily read, color-coded display for showing the status of each Mezzanine and fare gates. When completed at all WMATA stations, the new faregates and central operating system will fully integrate with WMATA's legacy fare payment system to provide seamless, reliable access to Metro subway service.


□ For Riders: Customer-Oriented Transit Environment
  - Smooth, seamless access across service modes

  - Equitable access for all riders
  - Accurate, uniform, easily understood information using voice and video
  - Secure, accurate fare payment through prevention of unauthorized access and loss of data
  - Use public resources effectively and efficiently
  - Improve and maintain positive public perception that encourages further support and use

□ For Transit Agency: Provide Exceptional Service
  - System availability and accuracy
  - Systematic revenue accountability through real-time revenue monitoring
  - Reduced Maintenance Cost

  - Improve and maintain positive public perception that encourages further support and use